Special Events

  • Red Dress R*n

    Typically held in the beginning of summer, this charitable r*n raises money for a local charity every year. Trail tends to be long and hot with plenty of beer stops along the way to quench your thirst. As always, wear your best red dress!

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  • No Wimps

    The title says it all, this 12-15 mile no-frills r*n occurs on the coldest day of the year in January. Multiple opportunities for bailouts and beverages are provided. Dress in layers and bring dry clothes 

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  • Spew-A-Thon

    With recent new life, this annual campout event his held towards the end of summer and includes, food, games, trails and plenty of shenanigans.

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  • Hot Mess Hash

    Hosted by the T3H3, this multi-day event is filled with fun and plenty of beverages to keep you lubricated. The main event is usually a 10 mile trail that can be completed by r*nners and walkers alike. 

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  • Pink Dress R*n


    This annual event hosted by T3H3 raises money and awareness for the Firefly Sisterhood. Expect multiple trails, bar-hopping and a good time

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Red Dress R*n


August 8th, 2020


Come join the Minneapolis H3 for our take on this global annual tradition! Proceeds will benefit NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families.

REGO: https://forms.gle/YMRrNDP2dKo6sqYa9

Cost: $20 - price increase 7/20

Location: 1227 Montreal Ave, St Paul, MN 55116, United States



No Wimps

January 23rd, 2021


No Wimps is MH3's annual endurance test. It's like a regular hash trail, but on the statistically coldest day of the year, three times as long (9-15 miles) and with three times the beer stops. Bailing out at any beer stop is always an option, and is encouraged if you can't feel more than 20% of your toes.

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 12 PM

More details to be announced as the date approaches.



September 19th, 2020


Come one, come all to the MH3 Annual Campout! 

Unfortunately, this year Spew-A-Thon will be a cheap one-night stand. 

Trail @ 4:00pm
Dinner: pulled pork sandwiches w/ slaw, potato salad, beans, & watermelon
Drinking games in the barn
Hot breakfast in the morning

REGO: https://hashrego.com/events/mpls_h3-spewathon-2020

Hot Mess Hash


June 27th, 2020


Hot Mess is returning for the 3rd year! Expect multiple beer/hydration stops, at least one bailout spot, and about 10 miles of stupidity*


2020 was a great success, details on 2021 coming soon! 

Pink Dress Run

TBD 2020

Twin Titties H3 annual charity event to SAVE THE TATA's


REGO: Details coming soon! 

What does your rego get you?
In previous years rego included a trail with at least two beer stops, a shot challenge, tacos, beer, and an amazing gimmie. Plus, that special feeling you get deep down inside knowing that you're helping support a fantastic local charity: The Firefly Sisterhood.

Who are they?
"The mission of The Firefly Sisterhood is to foster one-to-one connections between women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors."


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