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Drink, R*n, Be Merry


What is MH3?
The hash has been described as a 'drinking club with a running problem.' This is, more-or-less, true. The hashers meet roughly once a week and run/jog/walk a short course. They then stand around, chatting, drinking beer, or pop, or whatever comes into their hands.
The first hash was started in Kuala Lumpur and still exists. The MH3 was founded in May of 1990. We are a relatively small group with around 30 people at a good run. We come from all walks of life and backgrounds, married, single, male, female. It is a social group where everyone knows everyone.
So what to expect? Meet at the location specified by the home page calendar. One or more hashers (the hares) set a trail for the pack (the rest of the hashers) to follow. The trail can be live or pre-set by the hare and is marked by flour or other means. The front runners usually find the way, while the chat pack at the back just walks after them. The distance can vary, but even the walkers finish after an hour or so, and not far behind the runners. For a bonus, the hares leave a refreshment stop (known as a beer stop) on the way where everybody stops and has a drink.
After everyone has returned, they all stand around and drink if they want. Beer is usually the preferred drink, but non-alcoholic beverages are provided. At one point the Grandmaster gathers everyone around and the hash ceremonies begin. Here we make fun of all the stupid things people did on the trail. The front runners and short-cutters are pointed out. After a few more ceremonies, people either go home or meet for dinner at another location.

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